A revolution has begun. #hakkolorob






On the 17th of September, a group of peaceful protesters from Jadavpur University were brutually attacked by the police and goons. The girls were manhandled, groped and molested. The boys dragged and beaten up. Why were these students there in the first place? They were protesting aganist the biased committee formed to investigate the molestion of a girl on campus. The students were demanding the formation of a unbiased committee and a fair investigation procedure. They had been holding a peaceful protest for over 5 days as the VC refused to speak to them because he wasn’t “paid” to listen to his very own students, as he stated himself. So, on the 17th of September he called in the RAF inside campus, reporting that his life was in danger. The guitars and violins were deadly weapons in his eyes and the slogans and music was a death threat.

We live in a state where we see our fellow students being assaulted in public, caught in a play where display of power by the authority establishes justice.

A rally was organised the following morning where over 6000 people of the city came together. Today’s rally had an even greater strength. Students from all over India have joined hands in solidarity.

Condemn this brutal act and stand up for what is right. Have a word with your conscience. If not now then when ?

This comes all the way from Jadavpur University.


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